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Shea Hulse is a distinguished fantasy romance author known for her best selling series Fireflies and her upcoming book The White Wolf’s Wrath.

Shea Hulse has a loyal readership who have been captivated by her engaging storytelling and vivid characters.

Hey there, I’m Shea. I am married to my amazing husband, and we have one son and one daughter. While we’ve been together for seven years, the last three have been the most challenging, fulfilling, and surprising.

We were (are?) not your fairy tale couple.

My husband and I met while working at a restaurant together. We did not want to date each other. Why? Because we’d been there and done that with other relationships. Quite frankly, we were train wrecks.

Emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually we were completely out of sync with ourselves, the universe, life. We were both addicts. Some people can go out and have one or two, but as they say, “one is too many; a thousand is never enough.” I tended towards the thousand side of things than the one, as did my husband.

I got fired.

It wasn’t the most typical way of things, but then again it was. But it was the spark that brought us to where we are today.

We hit the road.

We packed up the car and left for three months to travel the U.S. I credit that trip to our success today more than anything else.

We’re sober now.

Our trip was the most exciting, exhausting, difficult, rewarding, crazy thing I’ve ever done in my life. And I can’t wait to do it again. We got home and got ‘real’ jobs; we got an apartment together; things should have been ‘perfect.’

But we were still miserable. Personal Growth can be tough.

Not with each other necessarily, but something had to change. Personal growth was why I took the job. But my job was a miserable excuse for a ‘real’ job. I got paid a barely livable wage as a Food and Beverage Manager at a big name hotel. I was expected to be there days, nights, weekends, sixty-plus hour weeks and on-call 24/7. My husband was working three jobs. Going straight from his overnight shift at one job to his morning shift at the other.

We got pregnant.

No, it wasn’t a surprise or a “let’s have a kid, THEN we’ll be happy”. We genuinely were ready and wanted children, and we knew we would do what it took to make things happen. I kept applying to jobs like crazy. Looking for babysitting jobs that would be a smoother transition for myself and my son after his arrival. My husband got a job as an electrician’s assistant. Time flew by, I went on maternity (at the same awful job). And before we knew it, our awesome son was here.

Daycare made no sense.

I was so lucky to have the time at home with my son that I did. But we would be working for free to put our son in daycare. So my husband stayed home. I went back to work, we got married, we conceived again, we kept hustling.


That’s what they told me when they let me go. Here we are, a 6 month old and already 2 months along with the next one; he’s out of work and now so am I.

I’d been applying for jobs for two years.

I kept applying, I’d gotten maybe 3 interviews, I’d applied to 400+ jobs, I applied to all types of things.

I got involved in a direct sales company.

That’s how you find me here today. When a door doesn’t open, maybe it’s not your door. I believe that things happen for a reason. You gotta keep on keeping on, reinvent yourself, learn more, try more, DON’T GIVE UP. Personal growth doesn’t happen overnight or to those not seeking it.

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